The first time I came to Dawn’s office I felt very burned out! I literally had nothing to give to anyone or anything. I really enjoy doing the transpersonal energy healing. The counseling really helps me tune in and the hands on healing is divine, my body soaks it all up. I look forward to each session knowing that it will help me put pep in my step.”

~ Sara

"I saw Dawn twice a month for a year after I was in a horrible car accident and had a near death experience. My neurologist wanted to put me on anti-anxiety medication, but I wanted to go with a more holistic treatment for the chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and depression I was experiencing from the accident. Dawn's support and knowledge of the Bach Flower remedies were what allowed me to heal without medication. The little bottles of flower remedies were perfect to remind me to tune inward throughout the day. I noticed a significant difference when I would take them. Thanks to Dawn I was able to move through this time when I didn't think it was possible. I'm so grateful for her and the Bach Flower remedies for bringing me back to life, out of survival mode and back into the present."

~ Isabelle

I have been feeling my seventy four years... with emotions, pains, failing eye sight, memory and much more. Then Dawn introduced me to the Bach Flower remedies. After a few days of using these drops, I felt lighter and more in control of myself. The longer I took the drops, the better I started to feel, it was like peeling layers of an onion away. Now, I feel like I did many years ago... I make better decisions, I feel younger and my mind and emotions are calmer. I'm just a happier person. Thank you Dawn for the Bach Flower treatments, I feel more at peace... Life is good.

– Patricia

I have so enjoyed the energy work that Dawn and I have done together. She creates such a safe and nurturing place for me to be vulnerable, thus allowing me to let my guard down and live my truth. One day I came for a session when I was having a crappy week. I shared some of it with her and said, "I just want to scream!" Dawn said, "Ok, would you like to do that now?" I said, "What do you mean? She said, "Would you like to scream?" Slightly taken aback, I said, "Yes!" Dawn said, "Ok, I can stay or leave the room.. There is a bed with pillows, do what you need to do, take as long as you want." I flopped down on the bed and screamed into the pillows until I could scream no more. Oh!, it was good. I got all the frustration out of me. I was spent. Plus, it made me giggle, which helped me to lighten up. I so appreciated her offer and intuitiveness to take my, "I just want to scream" comment literally rather than just as a figure of speech. Because, clearly, it was what I needed. Dawn has such a lovely, gentle demeanor. She is patient, genuine and invested. I always leave a session with her feeling light and happy with my light shining brightly.

– Kathy